4 Tips to Tame the “Um”

One of the most distracting noises a presenter can make during a meeting is the sound “Um”. It’s a placeholder used to fill the air when […]

Don’t Let Today Man Ruin it for Tomorrow Man

Today, right here, you are who you are. Tomorrow, you will be who you WILL be. Each and every night, we lie down to die, and […]
Jon Hamm Mad Men

Be a Man

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it was. But for all my life I haven’t been a man. At any point in […]
fruit fly trap

How to: Get Rid of Fruit Flies with a candle

Fruit flies can be a huge nuisance. If you have a ton of fruit flies in your house, turn off all but one light source and […]

Rise and Shine.

I recommend downloading the audio from this and using it as your alarm clock sound.
Being Realistic is the Most Common Path to Mediocrity

Going Beyond Road Head

Well, have a look at the instruction how to make sex in a car and not become a cripple.
sophie turner

Sophie Turner sure can dominate a bikini

I think maybe this little bikini photo shoot that Sophie Turner did the other day moves her past Sophie Monk and into first place amongst my […]

Surly Brewing Company

Chock full of catchy slogans and in-your-face can design, Surly Brewing Company has exploded onto the craft brewery scene in a short amount of time. Founder […]

Natasha Alam Playboy Pics: Sexy and Nude for July Issue!

Natasha Alam, the smokin’ hot actress with a recurring role as an exotic dancer on the hit show True Blood is stripping down off-screen in an […]